Supporting GPs on their paperless journey

General practices across the country are taking advantage of noteSpace

Currently millions of records are being managed using this simple, but effective, solution.

For GPs:

  • noteSpace responds to the increasing pressures of patients and policy makers by releasing space that can be used for additional services and supports the drive to a paperless practice.
  • Working alongside the major clinical systems via the Pocket platform, noteSpace is fully compliant with stringent Care Quality Commission requirements for records management.

For Practice Managers:

  • Auditable records are easier to locate and access and are safe from fire and flood damage.
  • Records are held in NHS approved facilities regional to the practice.
  • New records can be picked up as part of a regular visit to the practice.

For Patients:

"The service we received from the initial meeting to the actual removal of notes was excellent."

Denise Fenton, Practice Manager, The Hanway Group Practice, Portsmouth