Supporting GPs on their paperless journey

Helping GPs on the paperless journey noteSpace™ offers simple and secure off-site storage for the 'paper mountain' of Lloyd George records held by UK general practice.

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What is noteSpace™?

The noteSpace™ solution quickly releases space in GP premises with its combined service of transferring paper-based records to an NHS approved facility, and using the software to electronically manage the flow of records.

Designed with doctors and practice staff, noteSpace can drastically reduce administration time spent on records management, and provide extra space to enable practices to offer additional services.

Managing over a million records for GPs across the UK, noteSpace is a proven solution that is helping practices realise the potential of their premises.

What our customers say:

"It's the best thing that has happened to the practice." Denise Fenton, Practice Manager, The Hanway Group Practice, Portsmouth

"We now have an additional three consulting rooms due to the decision we made." Catherine Bateman, Practice Manager, Worcester Street Medical Practice, Stourbridge

"With many investments you have to wait a long time to see the benefit, but with noteSpace the benefit is realised straight away.” Neil Carter, Practice Manager, Cherrymead Surgery, Buckinghamshire

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3 Steps to noteSpace™

1. The Niche Health team agree a 'clear-down' plan with the practice.

2. Notes are taken by secure, GPRS-tracked transport to a regional NHS-approved storage facility and then catalogued, barcoded and boxed.

3. Practice staff are trained to use noteSpace software.

Practices can then start recalling their records quickly and easily either physically through a scheduled visit or electronically over the N3 network if the record is scanned.

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