Supporting GPs on their paperless journey

The Benefits of iGPR

For GPs:

  • Intelligent GP Reporting - iGPR enables the quick, easy and reliable extraction of information from a patient record for insurance reports.
  • Software, installation, support and remote training comes at no cost to the practice.
  • iGPR saves huge amounts of clinical and administrative time.
  • The information used follows a format reviewed by the insurance profession, with non-permitted information automatically redacted.
  • GPs are shown the patient’s explicit consent before they can proceed with the process.
  • The GP has the final say on the information that leaves the practice.
  • The system comes as part of Patient Anywhere or Pocket, which enables secure, remote access to patient records.
  • iGPR can be used for other third party reports, such as solicitor requests
  • All parties can be confident that personal information is being used in a safe, secure and legally compliant manner, and with all non-permitted information successfully redacted.

For Practice Managers

For Insurers:

For Patients:

iGPR is another example of how Niche Health is supporting the drive to a paperless NHS within primary care – see how noteSpace, is releasing valuable space in practice premises.