Supporting GPs on their paperless journey

iGPR for Insurers

Intelligent GP Reporting is a fully end-to-end solution that enables Insurers to electronically send and receive requests for medical reports to GPs for life insurance customers. This drastically reduces the turnaround time for underwriting life insurance applications, and benefits the Insurer further by providing higher quality data and improving their customer experience.

iGPR is set to become the de facto standard for legally compliant third-party data transfer for the insurance industry and beyond.

How iGPR Works

  1. With explicit consent from the customer, an Insurer sends a request electronically to their GP for a medical report.
  2. This is received at the Surgery's electronic inbox and a report can be created straight away. iGPR creates a redacted extract of patient information within minutes.
  3. Once any amendments are approved by the GP, the report will be sent back to the Insurer via encrypted transfer.
  4. The Insurer receives the requested report, which can then be viewed using iGPR Viewer, which will display the information as required for underwriting purposes.

The system complies with stringent Information Governance legislation and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. For more information on the security surrounding iGPR and Niche Health, please visit our Information Governance page.

Benefits to Insurers:

  • Reduces turnaround times.
  • Encrypted data transfer, fully secure - a great improvement on previous postal process.
  • Data is standardised, consistency created.
  • iGPR enables you to request any type of report - including targeted reports.
  • Reduces paper administration and labour overhead:
    • No scanning or photocopying needed.
    • Electronic payment processing.
    • Able to produce batch requests.
  • Enhances underwriting efficiencies.
  • iGPR Viewer - our Viewing Technology enables data to be presented in any desired template/structure for further reporting.
  • iGPR is easily implemented, either standalone, or can be fully integrated into existing processes.

Realise the Benefits of iGPR

With more and more third parties becoming enabled for iGPR, the industry is transforming into a more efficient and secure place. Contact Niche Health to find out more about how iGPR could work for you.