Supporting GPs on their paperless journey

Delivered at no cost to GPs, iGPR™ enables paperless insurance reporting saving practices hours of time and cost when producing medical reports.

What is iGPR™?

iGPR™ is a new technology developed over the last three years to remove the need for practices to send printouts and copies of paper notes in response to requests made by Insurers and other permitted third-parties. It integrates with your clinical system, enabling your practice to securely receive, create and send medical reports completely electronically.

Medical reports come under a range of names such as General Practice Reports, PMAs etc. iGPR™ can be used to produce all of these report types electronically, removing the need for paper copies to be sent in the post.

iGPR™ automatically removes any non-permitted information from reports, reducing the risk of excessive disclosure, and offers electronic payment processing enabling GPs to cut their reporting time significantly and obtain payments for their work faster - all without the need for any paper administration.

iGPR™ is provided at no cost to practices and the NHS.

Information Governance

With over 25 years experience of delivering market leading solutions to Primary Care, meeting NHS IG and security standards is of paramount importance to us. Our software is designed from inception to be fully compliant with best business and NHS security standards for the management of patient data.

As an IG Toolkit accredited supplier (organisation code 8J046) Niche Health is a trusted partner to the NHS for the provision of our products and services. For more information, please visit our Information Governance page, where you can find full details of our policies and accreditation.

What our customers say:

"This is an invaluable piece of software, it ticks all the Caldicott Guardian boxes."
Tracie Cradock, Practice Manager

"Definitely easy to use and time saving... I'm impressed!"
Dr. Nick O'Donovan, GP

“iGPR has saved us hours of time and cost as we no longer need to photocopy the Lloyd George or do any printing.”
Annette O’Connor, Practice Manager

Further Information

If you have any questions about iGPR™ please don't hesitate to get in contact. You can call us on 01527 570 005 during office hours, or you can drop us an email.