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Paperless Insurance Reporting Project in Birmingham

The largest life-insurers and EMIS Health are running a project to make electronic reporting the default method of requesting medical evidence for EMIS Web practices in the Birmingham region as of 31st October 2017.

Free training is being offered to practices wishing to make the switch and can be delivered by the iGPR team or by EMIS directly. Please contact 01527 570 005 or your EMIS account manager to arrange.

iGPR for Solicitors Reports

iGPR’s ‘Create Report’ function can produce solicitors copy-notes reports in minutes and is now available for purchase annually at £199 + VAT per workstation or £499 + VAT for a practice-wide license.

This tool searches for, and redacts third party references found in coded entries, free text and attachments and saves practices hours of time.

The tool also enables practices to encrypt reports to a CD or data-key, saving expensive postage and printing fees.

For more information, please visit the iGPR website, or please give us a call on 01527 570 005.

iGPR for Patient Online Access

The iGPR Patient Online Toolkit is now available to all EMIS, Inps Vision and TPP SystmOne practices.

NHS England’s Patient Online team has collaborated with Niche Health to develop this tool which supports clinicians in screening a record prior to authorising online access for their patient.

The function is available on an introductory, annual license of £350 + VAT per practice.  For more information please visit the iGPR website, or please give us a call on 01527 570 005.

BMA updates guidance on ‘electronic reporting for insurance purposes’

The BMA have updated their guidance on the provision of medical reports for insurers in support of patient life-insurance applications.

The principles of electronic reporting, published by the Association of British Insurers, with input from the BMA and the ICO, have been added to the guidance page on the BMA website – click here to view.

For more information about iGPR, please contact our friendly support team on 01527 570 005, or for further reading please visit the iGPR Website..

Zurich now iGPR-Enabled

iGPR users will start to see requests for medical reports from Zurich in their inboxes.  Zurich are the 6th provider to join the list of active iGPR-enabled insurers.

INPS enables Electronic Insurance Reporting for Vision

INPS is delighted to announce that iGPR™, Niche Health’s revolutionary intelligent GP reporting software, is being deployed to all Vision practices over the coming months.

iGPR has been developed over a three year period in consultation with GPs, practice staff and the insurance industry to dramatically reduce the time consuming and ‘paper heavy’ process of producing medical reports on behalf of patients.

The solution enables practices to securely receive, automatically redact and complete insurance report requests electronically or where an insurer is not yet ‘iGPR-enabled’, in paper form in a matter of minutes.

In addition iGPR’s redaction engine ensures data safety when generating patient reports for a range of purposes.

It is provided at no cost to all general practices in the UK.

Managing Director of Niche Health Guy Bridgewater said ‘Easing the administrative burden placed on GPs and their staff by external organizations is our key focus at Niche Health.  We are excited to be working with INPS to deliver iGPR, which is completely changing the way third parties interact with UK general practice’.

For a full demonstration of the features of iGPR, please watch the iGPR Walkthrough video on the Niche Health website here. The iGPR team can be reached Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5.30pm on 01527 570005.

Events Season – Q3-Q4 2015

With the event season warming up in the second half of the year the Niche Health team are in preparations for:

If you’re in attendance at any of these events, be sure to stop by the Niche Health team for a friendly chat about our free, paperless insurance reporting solution iGPR™ and our groundbreaking solution to secure medical record storage – noteSpace.

For any questions ahead of these events, please feel encouraged to get in contact.

Guidance on Insurer Requests Made Through iGPR

iGPR can support all insurance report types (GPR / PMA, SAR, Targeted Reports) requested under AMRA (Access to Medical Records Act) and SAR (Subject Access Request) regulations.

Where a practice completes an insurance report using iGPR the software enables the automatic redaction of non-permitted information, addressing the risk of excessive disclosure. Further redactions can be made by the practice where necessary.

Where a practice is unable to complete a request for any reason iGPR provides a rejection option that delivers their response to the requesting insurer, enabling them to respond directly to the practice.

In using iGPR General Practices, as data controllers, remain in complete control of any information being provided to permitted third parties and can be assured that reports will only include information that is relevant and appropriate.