noteSpace Case Study: Skyways Medical Centre

The latest customer to realise the benefits of noteSpace is the Skyways Medical Centre in Heston. Ramanjot Dhaliwal contacted us to discuss removal of the practices 4500 records.

Until recently, doctors at Skyways had preferred to access paper based records when consulting with patients instead of accessing records via the computer system. As a result there was always a need for all medical records to remain on-site.

Cluttered Shelves at Skyways General Practice

Recent changes however have seen Doctors embracing IT within the practice, the possibilities of records removal have become apparent and practice staff would like to use Niche’s noteSpace software to manage the flow of records for collection or delivery to Skyways. The practice recognises that security is enhanced using this method as records are stored in the NHS approved storage facility which is regional to the premises and is in line with CQC requirements.

Currently Nursing Home patient records are stored in a separate room due to the large size of the documents and other medical records are stored in cabinets in the reception area.

Cluttered Storage Space at Skyways General Practice

NoteSpace will be adopted primarily to create space. A new consulting room will be provided allowing the practice to expand the services it is able to offer.