7 Reasons Your Practice Needs noteSpace

NoteSpace is currently liberating space in GP surgeries nationwide.  These are the top 7 reasons why your Practice needs noteSpace today!

1.  Space is quickly released.

noteSpace releases practice time and much needed space by delivering secure storage of medical records combined with innovative software that manages the flow of records.

2.  Extra facilities or services can be offered.

Many of our customers have used the space created to offer services such as physiotherapy for example. There are Practices that have simply enjoyed creating better working conditions for its staff.

3.  Consulting Rooms can be created.

Practices like Skyways Medical Centre have created an additional consulting room.

4.  Security is enhanced.

Records are kept in 15 regional, NHS-approved storage facilities.  Practices can be confident that our security measures are stringent.

5.  Software manages the flow of records

The Practice can request prompt delivery of the paper records using the noteSpace software.  Electronic copies can also be requested.

6.  Administration time drastically reduced

Designed with Doctors and Practice Staff in mind, noteSpace can drastically reduce administrative time spent on records management.

7.  Entirely managed service by Niche Health

The noteSpace service is managed entirely by Niche Health, from beginning to end.

To realise the benefits of noteSpace contact Niche Health or for more information visit our noteSpace product page.