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iGPR Deployment in Scotland - National Risk Assessment describes iGPR as a 'low risk solution'
21st September 2016

“Personally, I believe this to be a low risk solution and on balance it may reduce risk compared to the existing manual process since it will reduce the opportunity for human error.”

Colin Howarth, Information Security Consultant, NHS National Services Scotland.

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Niche Health is a paperless pioneer supporting the NHS on its paper-free journey. We provide software solutions to UK General Practice including iGPR - providing groundbreaking paperless insurance reporting and noteSpace - freeing valuable floor space and helping surgeries nationwide meet CQC standards through secure records storage.

Built on the foundations of more than 25 years experience serving the Primary Care sector, we are changing the way practices manage their day-to-day paper mountain.


iGPR is our paperless insurance reporting solution provided at no cost to UK General Practices. With iGPR, practices are realising the following benefits:

  • No more photocopying Lloyd George record
  • No need to print out computer record
  • Addresses risk of excessive disclosure
  • No more postage costs
  • Processes electronic payments

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Our noteSpace service offers three huge benefits to GP Surgeries:

  • Creation of space through secure off-site storage
  • Reduced admin using noteSpace software to manage records retrieval
  • Improved security of patient's paper based medical records

Unburden your practice from bulky paper notes and use noteSpace to manage a flow of records only when you need them. Why not request a noteSpace quote today?

For more information please visit the noteSpace Product Page, or click below to request a quote and for other resources.

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12.01.2017 - ABI Publish Electronic Reporting Principles with Support from BMA and ICO

The Association of British Insurers has today published an article in Cover magazine presenting their principles for electronic GP reporting for the purpose of Insurance underwriting. The principles have received approval from the BMA and ICO who have recognised the value they will bring. You can view the article on the Cover Magazine website.

21.09.2016 - iGPR – Scotland Deployment

We are pleased to announce that deployment of iGPR in Scotland is now underway for all Inps Vision and EMIS practices. Following a national risk assessment carried out by NHS National Services Scotland, iGPR has been identified as a low-risk software solution. "Personally, I believe this to be a low risk solution and on balance…

19.09.2016 - Conference Season

A busy week ahead for the Niche Health tour bus on its way to SCIMP & SNUG Conference 2016 in Glasgow! We will be attending: SCIMP & SNUG Conference 2016 at The Golden Jubilee Hotel and Conference Centre on Sept 20th and 21st. EMIS National User Group 2016 at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham on…